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John Yi

Master John Jonghun Yi

With an eye to detail and an unwavering demand for excellence Master Yi believes in his roots in TaeKwonDo  training which started in Korea  over 40 years ago.. Combining the traditional  values of Tae Kwon Do philosophy with the modern  techniques, he offers you not only an effective self defense program but a means for personal development, discipline, and character development.

As an accomplished competitor he has won Gold Medals at numerous National and International level competitions. Master Yi is currently First Class National Referee in the U.S. and has received a number of Meritorious Commendation awards in his career, including the "United States Presidential Sports Award”   given by President George Bush in 2001, for his outstanding sportsmanship and dedication.

Other Certifications

Internationally Certified Master (Kukkiwon - WTF)
Korea Moo Duk Kwon Association Certified Master
US National Certified Class A-1 Referee (USAT)
U.S. National Certified Poomsae / Sparring Coach (USAT)
Global Licensed Poomsae / Sparring Coach (GAL)
President of Koryo Taekwondo Association